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Providing your guests with a comfortable place to stay may be your goal as a hotel manager or operator, but at the end of the day, you are running a business, and that means you need to sell hotel rooms.

Reason why you should know the best Sales Techniques in Hospitality.

10 Sales Techniques in Hospitality

Selling techniques in a hotel can refer to how to capture customers and keep hotel rooms occupied, or how to maintain clientele and maintain significant profitability status.

Selling strategies should reflect a commitment to the guest experience, and emphasize the importance of reserving as many rooms as possible at any given time.

Sales techniques in hospitality are vital to boost your constant level of business.

Here are the 10 best Sales Techniques in the Hotel field.

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sale in hotels

Techniques that may vary depending on the characteristics of each business, these are a brief sample of 10 successful ways to have a prosperous and stable business.

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Sales Techniques

As a hotelier, you need to implement sales strategies that work best for your own target market, and for your local destination. These techniques are motorized in order to drive room sales.

Why focus on selling rooms?

  • The first reason is because it will generate the main source of income, leading the hotel towards a profitable future.
  • Another reason is because possibilities are opened to establish sensory, emotional and social connections of interest to clients, through a pleasant stay, which begins in the room that they will rent, which if they are satisfied, they will rent it again in the same hotel .

It is necessary to be able to sell as many rooms as possible so that guests perceive a lively, charismatic and sought-after atmosphere.

A vacant or almost empty hotel does not show a good image, therefore it will not be working as a successful business option.


Direct Booking

With this sales strategy, the priority is to get direct bookings from as many customers as possible. Direct bookings are the most beneficial for hoteliers, as they are the ones that generate the most income.

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Destination Marketing

To adopt this type of strategy, the hotelier must work together with other local tourism professionals to promote the region as a whole.


In a campaign of destination marketing, local businesses are joining forces to target stronger inbound tourism markets and attract more visitors to the region.

Cross Promotion

With this strategy, hoteliers must identify and evaluate several major events planned in the region throughout the year. Then the hotelier must find a promotion that can coincide with the event, bringing a flood of bookings to the hotel that they would not have otherwise won.

Customer Reward Programs

Hotels, in particular, have been very successful with their guest rewards programs.

If you choose a customer reward strategy, the hotelier will need to develop a system that rewards customers who frequently stay at their establishment, purchase luxury services, and sponsor family members.

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Income Management

This strategy aims to maximize the number of rooms booked throughout the year, regardless of regular attendance. In short, a successful revenue management plan allows the business to cut room prices, or make special offers, in the off-season to stimulate bookings.

Sales increase

Upselling is the process of selling a more expensive version of the service or product that your customer is buying.

The methods they use to increase sales must be handled with a degree of finesse.

The timing, tone and regularity with which it is sold are the key to the success of your efforts. You don't want to come off as aggressive, so treat it as an exercise in conscience rather than a sales pitch.

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Remarketing allows you to reach potential guests who have visited your site without finalizing their reservation.

Many travelers will visit a variety of websites, to explore their options during the research phase of their online booking trip.

With remarketing strategies, you can access these customers again at different points during their online booking experience, and remind them to visit your site again to make the reservation.

Local Associations

Unless your hotel is located in a remote or isolated destination, there should be many other businesses and attractions with which you can form a mutually beneficial partnership.

Joint promotion with restaurants, specialized stores, theme parks or museums can help you achieve easy and effective marketing.

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Ease of Booking on your Website

The importance of a good website experience for travelers cannot be overstated.

Nothing will deplete your enthusiasm faster than a slow, confusing, or complicated website. Make sure yours is clean, intuitive, mobile friendly, and has clear action buttons, like Reserve now, for potential guests to click.


It consists of selling an additional product or service to complement the product or service that your client is buying.

Offering incentives in the form of additional products or services may be what prompts your guest to confirm a reservation. Think of value-added items like a free massage or a local tour.

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Each hotel must implement the most appropriate hotel sales techniques for its target market and destination.

It is the hotelier's responsibility to form a team capable of creating successful sales strategies, as well as focused on their target audience, so that they maximize room sales and guarantee their profitability.

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