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What does an Executive Chef do?

If you are passionate about creating new recipes and would love to run a successful kitchen, then this career as an Executive Chef might be the one for you.

Here we will guide you on the skills of an executive chef To be successful in kitchens large and small, your salary, what career to choose and the profile that a chef should have.

The executive chef is one of the most sought-after jobs in all countries. They are in great demand worldwide and can work in different places such as restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, private companies and even as a personal chef.

Duties of an Executive Chef

The chef is a professional in the art of cooking according to the manual and must have extensive knowledge acquired in this area, whether studied in institutes or based on the experience learned by the teaching of an already qualified chef.

skills of an executive chef

Among his tasks is directing the kitchen staff, hence the importance of having the gift of leadership in the skills of an executive chef.

We know that chefs must be trained in various areas of world gastronomy and depending on that gastronomic knowledge, they perform various functions within the kitchen of a restaurant.

Types of Chefs according to their Kitchen Functions

Let's see a type of classification according to the functions of the kitchen so that we know them better:

  • The Sous Chef is the assistant to the executive chef for the organization of the kitchen.
  • The Bakery Chef is subordinate to the Pastry Chef for the preparation of desserts.
  • The Garde Manger is in charge of cold meals such as salads.
  • The Chef Rotisseur supported by a cook o Asador (Grill Parrilla), for roasted meats to taste.
  • The Second Cook has a variety of tasks, and is assisted by the Chef de Partidas for whatever is required in the kitchen.
  •  The Pastry Chef, bakes and decorates different types of desserts and bakery foods.
  • El Kitchen assistant He is in a learning period, for that reason he is assigned various tasks and details of some dishes.

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Gastronomic Classification of Executive Chefs

According to the gastronomic specialties and the particularity of each dish, the chefs are classified as follows:

Executive BBQ Chef

This chef is responsible for the roasts and meat dishes, as well as the preparation of the sauces to accompany the roasts.

Executive Fish Chef

The fish chef must cook all the seafood and fish meals, in addition, he must shred and prepare all his raw material for the dishes.

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Executive Fry Chef

It produces all the fried dishes on the menu, broaster chickens among others ...

Executive Pastry or Bakery Chef

He is the chef responsible for preparing all cold dishes such as salads, pates, charcuterie and hors d'oeuvres.

Sauces Chef

Your responsibility is to prepare the sauces required in the production of the food.

It is a very important position, especially in Mexico, since the Sauces Chef You must possess great skills and knowledge of the wide variety of types of chili, as well as the ingredients to season a sauce.

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Executive Chef Butcher

He is in charge of deboning and deboning the piece of meat, even fish, and leaving it ready for the dish to be made.

Executive Entree or Vegetable Chef

This Chef prepares exclusive dishes made with vegetables, however, he can also prepare soups, rice, which has vegetables and grains as its main food.

Executive Chef of La Parrilla

You must prepare all the dishes made on the grill, it is often confused with the Roast Chef but it is not so.

It happens that when the kitchen or restaurant is small, their responsibilities are carried out by the Chef of Asados.

Support Chef

He is the one who has the basic skills and knowledge to complete the tasks of the other Chefs when necessary.

Executive Pastry Chef

She is the one who bakes and decorates all the pastry dishes including cakes, cakes, breads and desserts.

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Meeting the Chefs - skills of an executive Chef

Skills that an Executive Chef Must Have

The specific functions of each chef can be mixed when kitchens are small, as any chef can perform different roles effectively, if he has the skills to do so.

The experience obtained by a chef qualifies him to prepare dishes in various areas of gastronomy. In addition, it opens the doors to get good jobs in recognized Hotels and Restaurants.

Many chefs manage to acquire such particular skills that this allows them to direct other chefs in their tasks.

Inside a kitchen, a good executive chef, you can coordinate different menus and meet the demands of your guests in an orderly and efficient manner.

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Among the skills of an executive chef we can find the following:

Culinary skills

It is the ability to function within a kitchen work environment, and develop different types of food menus.

Communicate Clearly

Both orally and in writing, to be able to issue understandable orders to the members of the kitchen.

Service vocation

The executive chef must demonstrate a sense of belonging to the organization for which he works and to his job itself.

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The Executive Chef must have the ability to instill respect among his work team, and leadership to be fully obeyed.

Organizational Capacity

You must be able to efficiently organize your work in addition to orders, orders, expense figures etc.

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Ability to work under pressure

It is very important that the Executive chef can work under the pressure that can be generated within the kitchen, in addition to solving situations and making decisions in a timely manner.

Good physical condition

To face the challenges of spending hours working in a kitchen, as well as making coordinated and repetitive movements in the kitchen.
preparation of food.

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To be able to fulfill all their occupations and assigned tasks in addition to ensuring the fulfillment of the tasks of others.

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It is very important for an executive chef to have the ability to create or devise new dishes for their guests.

Manage Public

The chef must have the ability to interact with his guests and speak to them in a professional and respectful manner.

The skills of an executive chef are of the utmost importance, as you will need them to find a job opportunity in this area that requires the services of a good chef.

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