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What do flight attendants do?

Before telling you what a flight attendant does and how much she earns, we will tell you how they commonly call this job and its synonyms, it is called flight attendant, TCP or cabin crew, flight attendant, stewardess in English it is called air hostess, stewardess or flight attendant

Most often called flight attendants, flight attendants ensure the safety and comfort of airline passengers. What is the job of a stewardess? Prepare and serve food and beverages, communicate important safety policies and rules, among others.

The hostesses work in a team led by a supervising hostess. They collaborate with the rest of the flight crew and also serve as their assistants. Almost all of them work for major airlines, although some work for charter companies.

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Duties and responsibilities of the stewardess

The position is expected to grow about 2 percent over the next ten years, according to the Mexico City Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is slower than average. If you are interested or interested in learning more about these jobs, keep reading.

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Duties, Functions and Responsibilities of the Flight Attendant

In order to successfully facilitate safe and comfortable air travel, a flight attendant performs many different tasks. We analyze work lists for hostesses to identify these core duties and responsibilities.

Aircraft Interior Maintenance

The flight attendant maintains the cabin while the flight is in operation, helping to fix any problems with areas of the plane such as seating problems, restocking restroom supplies and operation of the in-flight entertainment systems.

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Assist Passengers Boarding

The hostesses rush around and help with the boarding process. They call the passengers to the plane and make sure the process is orderly and fast to meet take-off times.

They help passengers find their seats and assist with any special requests or needs during the boarding process.

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Provide Safety Information to Passengers at Takeoff and Landing

In order to assist the pilots in the take-off and landing process, the flight attendant makes sure that all passengers are seated safely in accordance with the rules and regulations.

They communicate all safety information, rules and regulations to passengers prior to take-off, and make sure they remain in compliance throughout the flight. They then assist in the timely and orderly disembarkation of the plane.

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Serve Food and Beverages

Throughout the flight, the flight attendant attends the cabin offering passengers drinks, light snacks and meals. Both prepare and serve food and beverages, and respond to special or additional requests if they can.

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Stewardess skills

Flight Attendant Skills

Hostesses are great communicators, focusing on customer service. However, when circumstances justify it, they assume a role of authority to ensure order and safety in the cabin of an aircraft.

In addition to these general skills and characteristics, employers are looking for hostesses with the following skills and qualifications.

Basic Skills of a Flight Attendant and Requirements to be a Flight Attendant

Based on the job listings we are looking for, employers want hostesses with these basic skills. If you want to work as a flight attendant, focus on the following.

  • Be in possession of a valid passport and be able to travel internationally
  • Comply with the height and weight requirements for the use and operation of the aircraft facilities.
  • Be able to pass an extensive background check
  • Demonstrate the ability to work highly flexible hours
  • Be able to attend and pass an unpaid training program

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Knowledge and Advanced Studies to be a Stewardess

Although most employers did not require the following skills, multiple job listings listed them as preferred. Add them to your hostess toolbox and expand your career options.

  • Knowing additional languages
  • Experience in the aeronautical industry
  • Experience in customer service or hospitality

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Questions and Answers of What is the Job of a Stewardess

Questions and answers about what is the job of a stewardess

Considering a career as a stewardess? We spoke with Tim Kirkwood, author of the Flight Attendant Career Guide, about the job. This is what he told us.

What is the most rewarding part of being a stewardess?

The flexibility of work. Every day is different: different destinations, different passengers, different crews. The work schedule is completely different from any 9 to 5 job, and can be moved to suit your spare time needs.

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What is the biggest challenge that flight attendants face?

Dealing with the multitude of passengers who seem to have checked their brains with their luggage. Many have no idea how things work on an aircraft.

What Skill do you use every Day?

Diplomacy and patience in dealing with masses of people who are being squeezed into a small space.

Who is Successful in this Flight Attendant Job?

Someone who is easy going, flexible, patient and open minded. There are already enough hostesses who are too structured and have control problems.

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How Should You Prepare for a Career as a Flight Attendant?

Practice any foreign language; If you are still in school, specialize in subjects like sociology, geography, current affairs, psychology. Work in a field of public contact, even in a hamburger joint. It is the best experience you can bring to the interview.

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There is some misconception of people about what is the job of a Stewardess

Many people think that it is about serving coffee only. Think that when they get to Paris, they can stay as long as they want.

They believe they will start with a living wage. They think they are going to fly to Europe or Asia right after they get out of training. Many do not realize that training can last up to 9 weeks, and that the trainee is not always paid while in training.

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How Much Does a Flight Attendant Earn?

The salary of a flight attendant varies a lot depending on the airline and the flights they make or they, since there are also flight attendants or male flight attendants, their career is forged by the courses they learn at the university or aeronautical schools.

Then, already mentioning that it varies a lot depending on these factors mentioned, they earn from 2,000 Dlls to 6000 Dlls monthly

Do you think this Job is for you?

This article has taken you through the basics of what you must learn to know what a flight attendant or flight attendant does and its meaning. You may have noticed that he is a specialist in the airline industry and that he is responsible for passenger safety. Are you able to enter this world?

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