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What does a chambermaid do?

Are you looking for a job? Would you like to work as a hotel chambermaid? Do you want to know what it is? Do you know its functions?

Here we will show you what a chambermaid does and the tasks she must accomplish. Pay attention, maybe you are a good choice for you.

The maids hotel workers (so they are also called) often work under the title of hotel housekeeper or room attendant. These positions are among the busiest in the hospitality industry. They need a willingness to work hard, and attend to the customer in detail, there are men and women who perform this function.

A particular education is not necessary since you learn by doing your tasks at work.

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The skills necessary for a chambermaid involve coordination, dexterity, endurance, patience, and a positive relationship with guests, supervisors, and co-workers.

In addition to significant physical demands, hotel maids must be able to maintain a professional and friendly demeanor and are synonymous with cleanliness.

9 Functions of a Hotel Chambermaid

A chambermaid is the person who is in charge of cleaning the rooms of a hotel, always wearing their usual uniform that characterizes them, including the corridors, bathrooms, bedrooms and rest areas. Although the salary varies depending on the hotel, they are among his main duties:

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Functions and work of a Chambermaid

Remove Trash from Rooms

Either in garbage cans or on countertops. Housekeepers must place a new bag in all trash cans each time the room is cleaned.

Remove Dust From Hotel Room Furniture

Includes dressers, desks, televisions, lamps, blinds, curtains, wall corners, and door and window frames.

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Change Bedding Daily

Change of sheets, covers and blankets. The sheets are usually folded into figures that match the decoration of the room.

Clean Bathroom Countertops and Vanity Area with Disinfectant

Scrub toilets and showers inside and out. They should mop the bathroom and any other tiled areas of the hotel room.

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Vacuuming Bedroom Carpet and Furniture

Some hotels require furniture to be moved to vacuum underneath. They also vacuum upholstered furniture, such as sofas and chairs.

Restock Room Supplies

Replacement of towels, soap and shampoo. Other supplies that are restocked include cups, toilet paper, and tissues.

Safety Equipment Management

Alert guests and management or other personnel to spills, wet floors, or other potential hazards, as well as put on the necessary safety equipment, to prevent accidents.

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Keeping Your Storage Cart Tidy

A cart on wheels is used to deliver supplies to each room and remove trash and dirty sheets. This cart should be kept tidy just like the closet.

Provide Special Service to Clients

Help clients with their requests and provide all necessary support. Remember that by giving better customer service, you will get better tips!

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Skills of a Chambermaid

Hotel maids must have some specific special care skills according to the manual. Among the skills that stand out the most:

Customer Service Skills

Hotel maids must have the ability to respond courteously to guests.

Apart from communicating with guests, hotel maids must convey a helpful and friendly attitude towards guests and their requirements.

Detail Oriented Skills

Your hotel maid job description and profile requires you to show attention to detail when cleaning. Small trash, grout on bathroom tiles or behind faucets, stains or light dust can all give a poor image or an unsatisfied experience to guests.

The hotel maids must supply the room with a sufficient quantity of towels, washcloths and toilet paper for the bathrooms. Bedding, pillows, and cushions should be arranged in a straight or meticulous manner.

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Mathematical skills

The ability to measure liquid units is essential for hotel maids to prepare their cleaning chemicals, or disinfectants.

They must take chemical handling safety courses to clean up safely and effectively. Many of them may require mixing to dilute substances like ammonia and bleach.

Physical Skills

Hotel maids need the strength and stamina to walk, push carts with brooms, mops, and cleaning supplies; operate vacuums, mops and brooms.

Performing the duties of a hotel maid requires the employee to reach, squat, bend, and engage in frequent, repetitive body movements. Also, in the summer months or in certain regions, waitresses may have to operate in hot or humid conditions.

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What are the functions or the job of a hotel maid?

What do you need to qualify as a hotel chambermaid?

In order for you to qualify as a hotel maid, in addition to being willing to work, you must have certain qualities, including:

  • Be reliable, responsible and punctual at work.
  • Knowing how to listen carefully and follow the instructions of your manager.
  • Be courteous and possess good interpersonal skills so that you can get along with other people, especially hotel guests.
  • You must be well informed about the use of tools and equipment cleaning, safety and handling of chemicals.
  • Good housekeeping skills are important as this will be one of the first duties of a hotel maid.
  • Have a positive attitude.

As a hotel maid position, you have to know that you must be positive when carrying out tasks, especially since you will work constantly in dirty conditions.

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The chambermaids become a representative of the hotel, so it is very important that the hotel maids are approachable, pleasant and knowledgeable of basic information about the hotel.

This will guarantee you a good start. You will have an overview of your main duties. The rest will depend on your willingness to work. Cheer up!

Employment Opportunities for a Hotel Chambermaid

Hotel maids have a fairly strong chance of finding employment, given the growth and continued strength in the hotel and travel sector of the economy.

Hotel maid job opportunities, roles and what a maid does

Positions are often found in the temporary, part-time, and seasonal realms, as weather and holidays drive demand for cleaning staff.

Those who become hotel maids can expect significant physical pressures and demands from guests, but they can allow the experience to become a breakthrough within hotel companies or the hospitality industry.

Those entering this field can find ample job opportunities with their work history, knowledge, and appropriate skills. The chambermaid job description combines the functions of sanitation, providing convenience for travelers and tourists.

You can also choose to find a job in the paradisiacs mexican beaches like Los Cabos, Riviera Maya, Cancun or Playa del Carmen; places that, due to their tourist value, are in great demand for labor.

Do you want a job as a chambermaid?

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