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Famous DJs

The rich and diverse cultural history of Mexico would be incomplete without the music and artists that make up its DNA. From mariachi, banda, ranchera and corrido cultures, Mexico is defined by a wide range of musical genres and movements.

The country's electronic music scene is experiencing a resurgence driven by a host of young acts, innovative labels, and genres pushing boundaries.

Here I give you the names of DJ famous electronic music in Mexico.

Famous DJ Names of Electronic Music in Mexico

Every year more and more people appear in the music industry. This is not surprising as various musical directions are gaining popularity and seeping onto the world stage.

One of the main places in the world is electronic music. And its creators, the kings of turntables, made a huge contribution to making it so popular. Today, numerous electronic music festivals are held, bringing together tens of thousands of people and the best and most popular DJs.

Every DJ performance at such a festival is a truly enchanting spectacle. Unreal musical ensembles create a cosmic atmosphere and leave unforgettable memories and emotions.

Here are some of the names of famous electronic music DJs.

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Pablito Mix

Pablito the dj

Pablo Alejandro (Born on October 8, 1991 in Mexico City) better known in the musical environment as Pablito Mix. At 15 years of age he was already creating his own models and musical rhythms.

Due to his long and young career, he has been considered one of the most important DJs of the urban genre in Mexico.

Style: Reggaeton, Cumbiaton, Moombahtonn, plus electro house, hip-hop, dancehall

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Interactive noise

Interactive Noise the dj

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The Interactive Noise is Hugo Venegas. Born in Mexico, he began to get involved in music from a very young age. With a great passion for music, he decides to create music on a computer. He also experimented with many types of electronic music genres.

He has taken his live performance to many festivals around the world, as he released multiple tracks with many of the major international labels. Interactive Noise is a young project that represents a proposal for people looking for original and high quality music.

He has been acclaimed around the world for his original productions, establishing him as one of the new names to see in international dance.

Style: Mixes various genres such as progressive house, techno and minimal included.

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Jose Spinnin Cortes

DJS Jose Spinnin

With amazing mixing technique, José Spinnin Cortés has proven to be one of the most influential and respected DJs in the Mexican dance music scene.

In August 2005, he won the remix competition held by "Star 69 Records" in New York City.

In 2006 José was signed in Mexico by the most important electronic record label in Latin America: + Más Label.

Antoine Clamaran, Martín Parra, Tom Stephan, Starkillers, Mauro Picotto, Ramiro Puente, Klang, David Guetta, Axwell, B-Jay, Sander Van Dorn and Armin Van Buuren and David Guetta are some of the names with whom José has shared the stage .

Style: He has toured Mexico, the United States, Canada, Spain and Brazil, exposing his fusion of progressive, tribal and Tech-House rhythms.

Tony Dark Eyes

Mexican DJ and producer who, at age 24 and thanks to the votes of thousands of radio listeners, placed his single “White Castles” in the first place on the list of the 10 best dance music radio stations in Mexico, as well as on all dance floors.

Today he is considered one of the most popular talents among the new faces in the dance music scene and a popular icon among teenagers in Mexico, thanks to his taste for music and his fresh and unique image and style that have gathered many followers.

Style: When performing, Tony always chooses tracks with powerful beats and sexy vocals, driving the crowd into a state of utter ecstasy. Always concerned with being top-notch, he rearranges his set and delivers new sounds when others simply go with the flow as a flat copy. His style is unique and fresh, house.

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Joe parra

He is one of the youngest and most prominent producers in the electronic scene in Mexico.

Each of his productions has become a success, and his name is increasingly recognized, taking him to the stage with national and international DJs such as: Roger Sánchez, David Guetta, Chuckie, Armin Van Buuren and Juanjo Martin.

Joe Parra is an international example of the electronic scene in Mexico, particularly in Guadalajara, Jalisco. The electronic capital of the country.


  • Susanna
  • Deep in your soul
  • lovefool
  • Zoe Badwi Free Fallin
  • Natalia Damini Your Lies

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Alyosha Barreiro

Alyosha Barreiro

Alyosha Barreiro began her music career in 1994. She studied music production at Berklee College of Music, and has been working on major world events ever since.

He was awarded as Best Electronic Music Artist by the Dj and Clubbing Awards (DCA) in Mexico.

Performing in front of audiences of more than 100,000 people from the largest festivals and most important places in Mexico such as Estela de Luz, Vive Latino, Goliath Festival, Zócalo Square, Angel de la Independencia, Auditorio Nacional, Alyosha transmits emotions, life and energy with its music.

Alyosha combines a fusion of live instruments that creates unique atmospheres and computer-based electronic music.

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Themes: As a producer, some of your songs like “September 11”, “Paralyze”, “Devórame”, among others, have reached number 1 in different Latin American music charts.

These are some of the famous names of electronic music DJs in Mexico, as you have seen electronic music is not just a matter of pressing buttons, it is really an art that requires knowledge, talent and a lot of innovation.

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