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Gardeners or Gardener

A beautiful well-kept garden is a wonderful and peaceful place of relaxation, the picture of happiness when you see someone in their gardener clothes strolling around

You can't get tired of wandering around it for hours and admiring the views over and over again. Behind this beauty there is a colossal work. The work of people whose profession is modestly called: Gardener.


What Does a Gardener Do?

Currently, professions related to the care and cultivation of various plants are very common, the "gardener". Here we will give more detailed information about what the profession is, what are the types of gardeners, what does the gardener do and what is his area of ​​responsibility.

What are the Types of Gardeners?

The gardener is a unique person who sees and appreciates the beauty of the world through plants, and is ready to share his vision with all other people.

He is a trained person with courses who knows the names of all trees and grasses, the terms of their life, flowering and seeds. He understands whether one plant combines with another and what soil is needed for comfortable development.

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Professional gardener

They are responsible for being the main workforce in the lavish parks and gardens, which grace many cities around the world, and are often a local attraction and a favorite vacation spot for people.

A garden, even if it is small, is considered a symbol of well-being ...

However, without proper care, trees, flowers, and plants quickly lose their shape. Keeping them in good condition is the gardener's job.

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Types of Gardeners and their Functions

When talking about the types of gardeners we can divide them into two groups:

Home or Home Gardeners

To this group, belong the gardeners who are in charge of maintaining gardens in small spaces such as those in houses.

Among its main functions, is the preparation and fertilization of the land, planting plants, trees, maintaining the lawn and watering the garden.

Gardeners of Companies or Establishments

This type of gardener refers to those who work in larger green areas, such as public squares, hotel gardens, the lawns of football stadiums and even golf courses.

What is the Difference between a Gardener and a Landscaper?

The gardener is periodically confused with the landscaper, although these are two different specialties.

The designer works with plants only in theory, picking flowers, trees and shrubs according to an aesthetic principle, but does not interact directly with them.

At the same time, the gardener should have at least general ideas about landscape design, since he needs not only to plant plants, but to do it harmoniously.


10 Gardener Responsibilities

The following should be included in the gardener's responsibilities:

1- Care and maintenance of various plants, from flowers to trees and shrubs;

2- Preparation of planting material.

3- Plant seedlings, cuttings, trees, shrubs, flowering plants.

4- Seasonal planting or transplant of green spaces;

5- Tillage, fertilization and plant nutrition.

6- Pollinating plants and spraying them with disinfectants.

7- Excavation of planting material.

8- Care of gardening tools and equipment, repair.

9- Organization and maintenance of greenhouses and greenhouse installations.

10- Clean the green area of ​​leaves, cut grass and debris.

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Professional gardeners working

What Should a Gardener Know?

To perform the duties entrusted, the gardener must know certain special knowledge such as:

  • Management of agricultural equipment, tools or technology if necessary
  • Agricultural standards for plant care
  • Methods for sowing seeds and transplanting seedlings
  • Rules and time of watering plants
  • Planting, transplanting and grafting methods of plants
  • Types, characteristics of fertilizers and disinfectants, methods of use
  • Methods for pruning trees and shrubs
  • Temperature conditions in seedbeds and greenhouses
  • Measures to prevent plant diseases
  • Ways to combat plant pests
  • Rules for the use of gardening tools and equipment.

To perform his duties competently, the gardener must have valid tools and a supply of the necessary supplies.

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What Studies Should Professional Gardeners Have?

To be in greater demand and be considered a professional, a gardener must be trained in the following disciplines:

  • Agrochemistry and biochemistry of plants;
  • Plant protection;
  • Vegetable growing and gardening;
  • Botany and plant physiology;

You must also know how essential and medicinal oils are grown; understand the principles of floriculture; be able to grow ornamental plants; Being able to care for various types of fruits, berries or ornamental plants, you can also follow a professional manual.

Other Specialties Gardeners Should Know…

You must know how to determine the type and quality of the soil, which is especially important when establishing a new garden or organizing the cultivation of ornamental plants.

You should also check the quality of the soil to determine suitability for growing gardens and ornamental plants; understand the varieties of garden plants.

Also, have knowledge of medicinal plants; be able to select and determine the optimal rate of fertilizers; understand the implementation of various technologies to grow plants from seeds; verify and evaluate the quality of horticultural products.

Also, know the technology of collection and storage of finished gardening products and understand the development of garden and park facilities.

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Gardener profession requirements

Gardener Profession Requirements

Working as a gardener requires not only aesthetic taste and knowledge of the principles of landscaping, but also endurance, physical strength.

Therefore, in the profession there are some restrictions on the state of health, the following can be attributed to the list of medical contraindications:

  • Problems with the musculoskeletal system
  • Severe allergic reactions
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Visual disability.

Workplace and Working Conditions

Modern gardeners work in various organizations:

  • Private gardens
  • City parks and gardens
  • Plant nurseries
  • Hotel gardens
  • Golf Courses

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Personal Qualities of the Gardener Profession

To work as a gardener, you must have the following qualities:

  • Love of nature
  • Medical Attention
  • Comment
  • Hard work

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Definitely a complex trade that only a nature lover could do, these services are required a lot in Puebla CDMX or Mexico City, Monterrey, Pachuca, Riviera Maya, Cancun and really in the entire Mexico Area in General, now you know the functions of a gardener ...

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