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Caribbean Sea Islands

The Caribbean Sea Islands, a spectacular Caribbean archipelago. They are located to the north with South America, to the west with the Atlantic Ocean, to the southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and the continental part of North America, and to the east with Central America as it is on the map.

For many travelers, tourists, and the general public, the Caribbean represents the best escape option. It means the dream of knowing a splendid ocean and its characteristics.

A daring and colorful sea in every sense of the word, the Caribbean is capable of attracting, with its splendid landscapes, its delicious foods, its friendly people, its flora and fauna and its limitless exploration opportunities, the most skeptical connoisseurs of nature

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The Caribbean Islands

Sea Islands

The islands of the Caribbean Sea are located in the  Archipelago from Lucayan, the Greater Antilles, the Lesser Antilles and the ABC Islands.

The Lucayan Archipelago in the Caribbean Sea

Its proximity to the United States makes it a favorite place to vacation. There we find the Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos Islands

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The Greater Antilles

They are the most visited islands in the Caribbean Sea. There are the Cayman Islands, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica and Puerto Rico.

The Lesser Antilles

On the border line between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic are the islands that are part of the Lesser Antilles. These islands include: the Windward Islands, the Leeward Islands, and the ABC Islands.

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The Windward Islands of the Caribbean Sea

Also Barbados, They correspond to the islands of the South Caribbean. There we find: Dominica, Granada, Martinique, Saint Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago.

The ABC Islands

They are the westernmost islands of the Lesser Antilles, due to their location further west than the Leeward Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. And they are called ABC by the initials of their names: Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao.

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The Caribbean Sea and the Leeward Islands

They are the northern islands of the chain of the Lesser Antilles, among these are: Anguilla, Antigua, British Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe, Montsserat, Saba, Saint Martin (French side, north of the island), among others.

Traveling and enjoying the wonders offered by the Caribbean Sea and its settlements is one of the most coveted dreams in the world. Nature offers us the splendor of its beauty through these paradisiacal islands of the Caribbean.

Why Prefer the Caribbean Sea?

woman on beach

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It is capable of captivating and enveloping millions of travelers and tourists who marvel at the experience of taking a cruise around the islands of the Caribbean Sea.

In addition, due to the proximity of many islands in the Caribbean, many travelers can visit different islands around the region, going from shore to shore experiencing a variety of landscapes and cultures in a single trip.

A Brief History of the Caribbean Sea

In October 1492, life in the Caribbean region changed forever when Christopher Columbus set foot on the shores of the Bahamas.

Therefore, Spain was the initial colonizer, conquering a large part of America, which began as a journey of research and discovery ended in a massacre for the Latin American peoples.

Columbus traveled to the island and exploited both natural resources and native populations. He managed to claim and enslave, along with other conquerors, the islands of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, as well as the entirety of Central and Central American countries.

The English followed in the footsteps of Columbus, and claimed Saint Christopher, Barbados, Antigua, and other lands. Also, the French took Guadeloupe and Martinique.

The struggles between the European powers gave rise to great opportunities for local indigenous peoples to fight for their own independence.

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Caribbean Culture

The modern culture of the Caribbean Islands has been significantly marked by European culture, along with vestiges of African culture and other cultures that have reached the islands through some immigrant populations.

Caribbean culture

These migratory movements have brought about a unique fusion of cultures, a mixture of cuisine, music, art, customs and traditions in the region.

The music of the region is one of the highlights of Caribbean culture. Although its origins are very diverse, the sounds of the calypso, the merengue, the regge and the rumba, are still clearly Caribbean

Although the Caribbean islands share aspects of a common culture, the cultural autonomy that each nation offers to its visitors is indisputable.

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Caribbean Lifestyle

Nature enthusiasts can explore the underwater botanical gardens, limestone caves and reefs of the Bahamas, then play in sparkling casinos and immerse themselves in pirate lore without leaving the islands.

In Santa Lucia you will find the best place for relaxation. A quiet and isolated beach that will allow you to enjoy the full nature.

You can also find the best place to put your adrenaline into play, canopying through a tropical jungle or climbing the Pitons Mountains of the beautiful island of Santa Lucia.

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The Climate of the Caribbean Sea


The sun is the main protagonist of this region. For many travelers, the brightness of a splendid sun is a unique attraction, since they are attracted by the mild tropical climate, especially when they come from countries with very high climates. rainy.

Caribbean temperatures do not vary much throughout the year. Temperatures average between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, regardless of the season of the year.

The Caribbean climate is so pleasant that it has become one of the main reasons why tourism to the Caribbean Sea has become a key source for the economy of the Caribbean town.

The Islands of the Caribbean Sea, a paradisiacal destination to enjoy and live an unforgettable experience throughout the year. Truly, it will always be a good time to visit the Caribbean.


The Caribbean, one of the Main Tourist Destinations in the World

Most of the Caribbean economies are highly dependent on tourists.

People from all over the world dream of spending their days in the shade of palm trees on white sand beaches, drinking tropical drinks and feasting on the freshest seafood, dancing to the sweet rhythm of steel-drum bands at night and escaping it all on an island paradise.

The Caribbean offers all of this and more, making it one of the top tourist destinations in the world for anyone looking for a true tropical escape.

These are just a few of the many experiences you can experience while exploring the beautiful Caribbean islands.

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Travel by Cruise on the Caribbean Sea

Cruise on the Caribbean Sea

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There are many cruises that you can choose to travel the world. The Caribbean Islands are an incredible opportunity to take advantage of a cruise trip.

You will not only have a job with great economic benefits but also with excellent possibilities to know and enjoy the wonders of the world, such as the beautiful islands of the Caribbean Sea.

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