Responsibilities of a Paramedic

Training like paramedic Tactical, military or commercial, it can open more doors for you than you think. But do you know the skills that a paramedic requires and the functions to work on a cruise ship?

A paramedic is typically one of the first healthcare professionals to arrive on the scene of an emergency.

Paramedics need the ability to make quick decisions and stay calm.

What is a Paramedic

A paramedic is an important member of a work team made up of doctors, nurses and also supported by an assistant or emergency care technician unlike a nurse.

What career to study to be a Paramedic

If you want to start in this career, locate the red cross or green cross of your locality and ask about the requirements, the years of study or course may vary, since in each country there are different requirements.

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Paramedic Job Duties

Paramedics provide specialized care and treatment to patients who have suffered accidents, emergencies, or other crises.

Typical Paramedic Job Tasks include:


Primary health care staff assess patients to provide emergency treatment and make accurate diagnoses.


Constant monitoring of the patient for medication administration, pain relief, and intravenous infusions are vital functions that must be addressed.

Basic Care

The application of correct bandages or cures for the care of injuries or wounds typical of travel. Within this function, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is added as basic care.

Specialized Equipment in an Ambulance

The management and use of specialized equipment that includes ventilators, defibrillators, among others. The use of equipment to monitor cardiac functions is highlighted, including the interpretation of the electrocardiogram.

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Cleaning a Paramedic's Equipment

The neatness and care of the medical equipment is in charge of the primary care staff. You should replace used supplies, check or clean the equipment after use.

Paramedic job bank

Assertive Information

You must provide medical personnel with pertinent information about the patient, including their state and treatment applied, by documenting the medical care that was applied to the patient.

Permanent Attention

A fundamental function is to maintain effective and permanent communication with patients, their families or friends.

First aid course

Special situations may warrant teaching and training to staff or the general public to use first aid techniques correctly.

Special care

In the event of a contagious disease, they must follow the protocols to decontaminate the interior of the facilities and must report these cases to the competent authorities.

Work Hours of a Paramedic

24-hour shift work (including weekends) is usually a standard requirement of the job.

Responsibility and Ethics of the Paramedic

Working as a primary healthcare staff includes transporting patients to healthcare units; Treatment should be continued during transit helping to safeguard patients regardless of their culture, religion, behavior, orientation or preference without exception.

It is also the responsibility of the transfer to hospitals and other medical facilities of the patient at the required time.

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Skills of a Paramedic in Hotels

The health care professional who has a tourist job must have skills that make them more efficient in the performance of their work. Some of the characteristic skills are:

A loving and outgoing personality that gives the patient a feeling of comfort and security. You must provide emotional support to patients in an emergency, especially patients who are in life-threatening situations or situations of extreme mental distress.

Work as a team, being able to coordinate their activities closely with other people in stressful situations.

Listen carefully, because it is essential that patients be listened to patiently to determine the extent of their injuries or illnesses.

Good communication skills; make it open and transparent.

The ability to make quick decisions and remain calm under any circumstance or emergency.

A good level of physical fitness.

Great resistance during eventualities that last over time.

Additional skills that can be acquired and honed in job qualification trainings include taking and testing blood samples. Also basic knowledge to take X-rays.

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Paramedic in Mexico

Paramedics on a Cruise

Every day is different depending on the traffic and places where you navigate, it can affect the possible cases that merit help.

It comes to face serious conditions that can threaten the lives of passengers or any member of the crew, such as heart attacks and strokes.

Falls and head injuries are treated quite commonly, due to recurring dizziness. Minor ailments such as coughs, colds and the care of superficial wounds are also treated. 

During a cruise you may encounter other vessels, sometimes immigrant ships that may be in distress.

Maritime law stipulates that ships must help each other, so in cases like these the boat is diverted to provide help. Everyone is taken on board, given a medical check, and provided with food and clothing.

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Advantages of Working as a Cruise Ship Paramedic

Although there are many challenges of your own, you get personal satisfaction from helping and ensuring a safe trip.

As an employee you can have your own cabin and, when you are not on duty, you can access all the facilities and entertainment of the ship, including bars and restaurants, theater shows and film screenings, gym and sports facilities, spa and shops.

You can also leave the ship and go on excursions together with the passengers in the ports where stops are made, you have the privilege of visiting many places and making great memories.

So everything is not always an emergency and a drama!

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