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Mexican Pastry

Spain introduced wheat into Mexico, which became a fine confectionery ingredient, which soon became a staple in bakeries.

For the Spanish, wheat was also a staple food, but rather a religious necessity, since it was the only acceptable grain as a fine confectionery for making sacramental bread.

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It is also said that France introduced the art of making bread in Mexico.

When French bakers came to Mexico and began opening French bakeries, the concepts of baguettes, sweet cakes, and muffins were introduced to the country.

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Foreign Influence with an Evolution of Fine Mexican Pastries

Bakeries may have initially been inspired by France and Spain, but Mexican pastries offer different flavors, textures, and appearances due to the inclusion of native fruits and baking procedures.

Fine Pastries - Maintaining the Authenticity of Mexican Baking

And legend has it that sweet bread came from a daring person who decided to dip his bread in a cup of hot cocoa.

Maintaining the Authenticity of Mexican Bakery

Panettone can now sometimes be found in large grocery stores, inspiring many artisan or home bakers to work harder to promote authenticity.

"Mexican patisseries and bakeries are losing more of that authenticity in the bakery" , “But Mexico has a lot of pride. They don't want traditions to change. "

Elizabeth Montano

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Montaño points out that tradition and authenticity can sometimes be lost when crossing into the United States.

More than 500 different cakes are made in Mexico daily.

The bakers work so hard on Pan de Muerto that their fingers go numb from all the kneading, and the application of intricate details and colors.

Always struggling to maintain authentic Mexican fine pastry recipes.

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Some Examples of Mexican Fine Pastry Recipes

Next, we show you the 13 more Popular and traditional sweet bread options.

1- Flag

Bandera - fine pastries

The Flag is a traditional flag cookie and symbolizes the Mexican flag, decorating it with the distinctive green, white and red colors.

The cookie is crunchy in texture and tastes slightly similar to butter bread.

2- Chamuco

The Chamuco is made with ingredients from the famous Concha cookies, among them are the dough with sugar, wheat flour and cinnamon. Sometimes the Chamucos offer a filling of cream cheese or fruit.

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3- Shell

Concha - fine pastry

Concha is the most popular Mexican bread in bakeries.  

No matter where you travel in Mexico, you can always be sure to find La Concha at any bakery you visit.

The shells look similar to a seashell and offer a cracker texture on top of cinnamon bread.

After kneading the bread dough, it is left to rest for several hours, and then it is shaped.

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4- Pig

It is a Mexican gingerbread cookie shaped like a pig.

El Cochino is also called Cochito, which means Pig, Marranito, or Puerquito in some communities.

This bread is made with ginger, however there is a possibility that some do not contain this ingredient. The traditional little pig gets its flavor from molasses and cinnamon.

5- Coyote

Coyota - fine pastry

La Coyota is a traditional Sonoran cookie, made with cinnamon and a whole wheat flour tortilla, also stuffed with Piloncillo and sprinkled with Mexican brown sugar.

The cookie is usually flat and round, but some establishments shape it into a hat and add a braid to the edge.

Many cultures serve Coyota with coffee, ice cream, or even accompanying tasty dishes like carne asada and chorizo ​​burritos.

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6- Wedding Cookies

Galletas de Boda is the Spanish name for Mexican wedding cookies. Although it is almost unnecessary to point it out, Wedding Cookies are often seen at Mexican wedding celebrations.

7- Wrapped Child

Wrapped child

In simple terms, Nino Wrapped is basically what it sounds like, a soft bread roll with a jelly filling.

The interpretation of some places of the Wrapped Child is a Cake soft and fluffy with strawberry filling and little coconut shavings on the outside.

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8- Hen

La Gallina is a traditional sweet bread filled with vanilla cream.

The cinnamon bread is filled with Bavarian cream and topped with powdered sugar.

The bread is crunchier, but the vanilla cream filling adds a soft touch to the dough, as well as a shale flavor.

9- Ear

Oreja - fine pastry

The puffed ear is slightly sweet and seems sticky and crunchy in texture.

However, it is a delight for its slightly sweet and neutral flavor, accompanied by a glass of coffee or milk.

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The history of the Ear dates back to at least 1930 and is often served for breakfast.

The ears are similar to French palm trees, except that the French see them as the shape of a butterfly or a palm leaf.

10- Fine Corn Bread

Each version of Pan Fino has a different design, each one made by hand.

The Mexican baker is creating different designs using his best tools from the Mexican fine pastry recipes.

To make Fine Bread, the dough is rolled into a diamond shape and filled with a fondant made from sugar, vanilla, water, flour, and butter.

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11- Hornor Fine Bread

Fine bread - Horn

Pan Fino's second design is the Horn.

The Horn is one of the most popular options, although it has a flavor similar to the Ear and others of the Fine Bread family.

It is one of the softest breads on the list and it has a sweet taste with a very pleasant texture to chew.

It is commonly used to accompany even salty dishes.

12- Thin Bread Leo

Fine bread - Leo

The third in the Pan Fino series is Leo, which in Spanish means trunk.

Mexican bakers take pride in their creation, as the perfection of Pan Fino ultimately represents how detailed and experienced they are.

13- Yoyo


The Yoyo is a sandwich of two sweet breads with an apple filling in the center.

Due to the two rounded sweet buns, the dough is said to resemble a toy yo-yo.

The outside of the bread is covered with strawberry jam and small coconut shavings.

Alternatively, other bakeries use raspberry jam instead of strawberry, and some use confectionery frosting to glue the two loaves together.

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