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Kostick Quiz Questions and Answers

El Kostick test It was created exclusively for use in the world of work. First of all, some very good information is that the test can be done both collectively and individually. It also provides information on the skills they can develop as part of their job.

This test is responsible for demonstrating a personal preference or self-awareness that will be shown in this test and is the method used to designate a new position to distinguish or promote someone.

This test is not for evaluating the employee himself, but rather for an employer to better understand the potential of those around him. This is what Grand Hotelier uses for this.

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What is the Kostick Test?

The Kostick test is a test used to determine what type of behavior an individual would have in the workplace. This test was initially developed by Doctor Max Kostick. At that time he was serving as Professor of Industrial Psychology at State College, Boston.

These tests attempt to predict how a person will behave at work and adapt to their performance.

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Kostick test

It can be used as part of the new talent hiring process, as well as a tool to evaluate performance based on the ability to get promotions and appropriate moves.

The examiners can be of any gender, not necessarily of high academic ability, and can be used in groups or individually.

Factors Evaluated in the Kostick Test The Cost Test

The Kostick test evaluates certain important factors for hiring an employee or for the promotion of another, these are:

Power level

It measures an employee's intensity and commitment to a given task, their work, their ability to identify their work, and their ability to perform multiple activities effectively at the same time. 


Measures an employee's confidence and ability to show your leadership and have a positive impact on the work environment. Good leadership shows that employees are not looking for competition, but for motivation.


Analyze if the candidate is an always active and creative person, or if he perceives the work process calmly, but effectively, or on the contrary, if he tries to avoid obligations.

Social skills

Evaluates the employee's ability to relate to his environment and how this affects the group, either positively or negatively. It also assesses the group's ability to resolve conflicts ethically. It also measures the employee's empathy with the work environment.

Adaptation to Work

Demonstrate your leadership

It measures how employees grow in their work environment and how their adaptability leads them to behaviors that are beneficial to the organization's processes.

Emotional personality

Your ability to adapt to your work and activities, your flexibility to offer new ideas, and your maturity to express and accept constructive criticism will be assessed.


It is about the ability of an employee not only to ask his boss for help, but also to provide adequate leadership.

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How Does the Kostick Test Work?

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The tool consists of 90 pairs of suggestions and the participant must select from each of them the suggestion with which they feel most identified. If the evaluated person feels identified with both sentences, or does not feel identified with either of them, the evaluated person must also choose a sentence with which they feel more comfortable.

With these answers, you can get quick and honest information on the 8 dimensions of work-related behavior.

Participants will receive an application form and an answer sheet, and evaluators will receive an information sheet and a score sheet.

The evaluator will continue to give all instructions, receive all 90 sets of statements, select the best option for each of the specified statements, and tell the participant which ones to circulate.

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Kostick Test Time Limit

There is no time limit for the test, but most participants usually answer the questions within 30 minutes.

It should be noted that there are no good or bad answers for the Kostick test. Its main purpose is to examine the skills and qualities that can be actively used in the work environment to improve company performance.

the Kostick test


The Kostick test is about a psychological evaluation, and it is clearly used in the workplace. It can be used to identify different aspects of the participants, such as their specific abilities and skills to adapt and develop appropriately in the workplace.

The main objective is to align positions with the skills and attitudes of employees and use them to improve processes and organizations. The review is done in a simple way, just by detailing the graph.

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