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Psychometric Tests for Personnel Selection

El personnel selection test It is a technique used by large companies to choose their staff, even more so if it is to distribute them by specialized departments.

In the tourism sector, large contingents are required to satisfy the demands of the guests, but these personnel must have the appropriate qualities to carry out their work.

Grand Hotelier is a job bank in which thousands of applications arrive that are examined, to select a staff that matches the characteristics of the work that they will display in their working life.

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Personnel Selection Test

Personnel Selection Test

Who aspires to classify in a job portal, must present psychometric tests that weigh their abilities and qualities. Among them, the following examples can be applied:

Terman's Trials

It is a very complete test that measures capacities of intelligence, knowledge, judgments, the organizational capacity of the person, numerical reasoning, among others.

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Cleaver test

It measures the aptitudes of the person who aspires a job through behaviors, abilities or reactions in front of possible, imaginary scenarios.

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Harman Values ​​Profile

This test is highly valued because it measures the correspondence between the values ​​of the person, with the values ​​of the company.

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Zavic test

This test investigates the references that the person has in terms of political perceptions, economic aspirations, cultural knowledge, in order to enhance them with the indicated job.

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Moss test

Contains 30 questions to discover a potential business administrator. Well, the attitudes of a leader, the ability to influence others, common sense and empathy are revealed.

In addition to these personnel selection tests, there are other reliable procedures that deserve to be recognized.

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The HR Personnel Selection Department

The dedicated area in the labor sector that applies these types of tests is Human Resources, especially in the tourism sector, it has encouraged companies to dedicate themselves to the selection of personnel based on some tests or procedures.

The personnel selection test for work in tourism is a process by which attention is focused on the qualities, knowledge, and skills of job applicants.

The personnel selection activity

It also counts, if physical fitness will have to meet goals, tasks, and responsibility that involve endurance and strength, to circumscribe the requirements.

In other words, in a tourism job board, selection involves the choice of people, after classification, based on careful examination, to fill vacant tourism job positions.

The personnel selection test can be oriented in two directions:

The Empirical Personnel Selection Test

The empirical selection implies taking into account people with experience in the area or department that a worker is requesting. It is based on some external criteria such as: physical appearance, dress, conversation, expression, intuitive association, etc .;

All of this can create a first impression. Then the personnel selection test can be done on the basis of a more detailed examination. In this case by scientific selection.

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Scientific Selection in the Personnel Selection Test

The scientific selection analyzes the objective of the concordance between the characteristics of the work (profession) if the physical, mental and informational order (knowledge) that matters to them about the person is possible.

At scientific selection or objective and rigorous selection is a constant procedure that many people who aspire to work go through.

In the scientific selection, tools such as: history, profesiogram, professional monographs (according to the characteristic establishment of the works) and psycho-diagnostic methods are used.

There are also the tests or psychometric personnel selection test, such as the Harman test, the Moss test, the Cleaver test and others.

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The Personnel Selection Process

The selection process includes a set of care activities carried out in various stages through which the traits, qualities, training and aptitude of the candidates are compared with certain specific aspects of the position.

The stages of the selection process are:

Study the Candidate's File

At Grand Hotelier, staff are selected to meet the demands of the job. To do this, it examines the curriculum, whose content must respond, to a large extent, with the profile that is sought.

Check References on the Candidate

At this stage there are several contexts to take into account, as the reference does not say everything. For this reason, it is important to detect overestimated references, oral references and reevaluated references.

What are Overrated Referrals

The person making the reference only mentions someone's good points, omitting to present the deficiencies; or often the exact omissions are the most important element of a reference.

What does Oral References mean

Oral references can be much more accurate. But you need to look carefully at employers when they praise an employee excessively.

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Check references on the candidate

What are Reevaluated References

When re-evaluating a reference (be it good or bad), we must remember that the information received refers to the performance of a person in a position that may be significantly different from the one they aspire to in a job board.

Interviews - Personnel Selection Test

Some specialists in the employment portal tend to minimize the importance of references in the candidate selection process, since it is necessary to rely more on the information obtained through the psychometric personnel selection tests.

The interview is the stage of mutual communication, which has a double purpose: to inform the candidate about the organization, about the vacancy and its requirements; and get more information about the candidates.

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The Importance of Performing Psychometric Tests

For the company it is essential to perform them before a hiring, the fascination for tests (whether psychometric, graphological or astrological) indicates a desire to find an infallible method to predict the performance of a person.

At Grand Hotelier, we seek that people create and exploit their capabilities, that they participate in the organization or the team and that they carry out tasks in a safe and professional way.

Why a Medical Exam is required to Work in a Company

Before employment, it is necessary to carry out a medical examination to avoid hiring people with health problems, and to certify that you can physically and mentally perform the specific activity of the position for which you choose.

The result of the medical examination has a decisive influence on the candidate's employment in a tourist employment portal.

Who Makes the Final Decision to Hire a Candidate

Candidates who have been accepted after the interview and test phases will present themselves to the head of the department where the vacancy is located for the purpose of discussing how to work.

The final decision to hire the candidate, considered the most appropriate, will be made by the hierarchical head of the vacancy and endorsed by the employment company in Mexico.

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