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Hartman Securities Profile

In this article you will see how the Hartman values ​​test with your personal life and your work projects.

The Hartman values ​​test, estimates whether a person who aspires to a job can be trusted and identifies with the values ​​or judgments of the company.

Grand Hotelier, filters this criterion in the employment exchange, to select those people with a value identity similar to the company requesting workers in Mexico.

The Hartman Values ​​Test

The instrument that weighs how people value a specific situation was created by the philosopher Robert S. Hartman. Hence its name.

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Robert S. Hartman

Hartman, related the values ​​of the human being as moral and how they value a situation. This has to be clear to people who aspire for a job. Since, the way how the person is perceived internally, can influence their work world.

With the Hartman values ​​test, the intrinsic world of the human being is linked, which carries inside as criteria of life, feelings, aptitudes and attitudes towards external life.

The internal compendium of values ​​intersects or expands with the values ​​that come from home, school, work experiences, friends, etc. Although these tests of values ​​are also applicable to children and adolescents

They will be two worlds that work systemically to enhance your evaluative capacities.


Discover your Capabilities with the Hartman Values ​​Test

Personal and professional growth goes hand in hand with the skills that the person develops; therefore the discovery of your capabilities can bring you closer to achieving your goals in the business field.

If you're looking for an opportunity to qualify for a tourist job board, make sure you bring out your best. To do this, keep in mind the philosophy of the company to which you aspire.

Join the Company Philosophy

In, the existence of relationships between the philosophy of the company that demands work in Mexico, with the capabilities manifested by the person who aspires to work, is weighed.

The closer the convergence, the more likely you are to be employed.

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Hartman Securities Profile

The internal approach prioritizes biological subsistence values, and affective values ​​linked to the primary relationship between the person's father and mother.

Axiology ... According to Hartman

The Hartman Values ​​Profile is a scale that assesses objectity, based on an axiometric test, different from the psychometric tests, which we commonly know when applying for a job.

This is made up of 18 axiological sentences that combine three concepts or, better said dimensions of value...

  • Systemic: It works as a whole, if something affects us it will have repercussions on our entire being, both emotionally and physically.
  • Extrinseca: What we appropriate, acquire or learn from the outside.
  • Intrinsic: It comes from our inner self, without affecting external circumstances.

This is a relationship between the positive and the negative, where life is at the positive point and death at the less positive point.

The positive internal energy learned and received, will be the one that will emerge with skills and attitudes for job performance.

Hence the importance of applying the Hartman values ​​test, on, to successfully qualify on a job board.

Let's see more about the internal aspects that you are interested in knowing to work.

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Discover your capabilities

The Inner World… Intrinsic according to Hartman

Some authors relate the internal world to the mother figure, conceived as loving oneself and positively evaluating oneself.

Other authors understand this perspective as the balance between reality and fantasy, expectation and the concrete.

So what about this world in the workplace?

What do recruitment companies measure in a job bank?

The close relationship between the positive internal world, with the characteristics of the company that requests personnel to work, is valued.

The emotional ease of the person at work is weighed, as well as the manifestation of the balance of the state of mind.

This parameter is understandable, if one considers that Work in Hospitality and Tourism is extremely demanding, and much more when it comes to serving tourists.

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The External World ... Extrinseco according to Hartman

In the Hartman values ​​test, the external world is related to the father figure. It would be the implementation of concrete actions. The development of logical and coherent thinking in a specific situation at work.

From another perspective, the external world in the Hartman values ​​test is considered as the ease of productive, organizational, order, leadership and authority capacities.

Two Worlds and Specific Situations in the Hartman Values ​​Test

The relationship of the internal world with the external generates an evaluative condition of the person in specific circumstances.

This weighting, according to the Hartman values ​​test, will be very particular, and even, a person with consolidated internal values ​​may react differently to the same event. There, they would be affecting the conditions of the external world.

This reaction arises in the Hartman values ​​test as the systemic world.

The crossing of information obtained through the test, about the philosophy of life of the person, with the way of working of tourism companies in Mexico, the demands or requirements in tourism, greatly coincide with the technical sheet and its 18 formulas of the Hartman values ​​test.

We explain the relationship to you.

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The Hartman Values ​​Test

Interpretation of the HARTMAN TEST in a Job Board at Gran Hotelier

According to the characteristics of the worlds of the Hartman values ​​test, the tourist employment exchange can be organized into those that reflect internal balance to cope with stress and those that denote the development of authority.

To better understand, let's see examples with Hotel Job Vacancies such as:

Hotel receptionist, Concierge, Stewardess, Housekeeper, Chambermaid, Waiters, bell boy ...

Customer service

In this job mentioned above, managing emotions is essential, since you must have control over your feelings, and project a positive image through both verbal and bodily communication.

... The smile and kindness should always be present, regardless of your internal negative situations ...

And although it may seem difficult, this will help your self-esteem in a positive way. If you start the day mentally positive, you will transmit it by interacting with the guests and they will acquire that feeling of well-being, that they are arriving at a pleasant place.

This will lead to a chain reaction, as they will express their gratitude to you, which will make you feel better emotionally. Try it!

Tourist Animation

The Communication of the Tourist Guides, animators of Hotel, Managers of Kids clubs ...

Communicating with people of different cultures will lead you to activate your empirical side, since you will have to learn foreign languages, not only English, but also basic language in Russian, Italian, German, Japanese etc. through practice and coexistence with clients.

Remember that expressing your emotions correctly depends on your motivation to prepare as well as possible, so your emotional control will be based on the patience, since there will not only be the language barrier that you will have to overcome over time, but also the cultural customs of the different countries.

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The Sales Department

Given the case of Tourism Agencies, Sales agent to Cruise, Waiters, Drinks Researcher, Guides, Reservations Manager, Timeshare Consultants, Promoters.

The people who qualify here have to develop their Persuasion and Leadership skills, since having a business conversation with companies or clients in the tourism sector is not easy, especially if it is about convincing them to buy something.

Knowing how to sell does not have to do with the product that you offer to the client, it has to do with the Emotional Need of the client about the product or service that you offer.

You have to take your power of analysis from what the client emotionally transmits, and apply it in your power of persuasion so that they acquire the service or product.

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There are many types of online tests that you can perform, however I will tell you that finding a manual for the clinical interpretation of the Hartman values ​​profile online will not give you the answers you are looking for.

It will always be necessary to turn to a specialist in the interpretation of tests, who will guide you accurately in your results obtained.

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