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Attention waiters, waiters! Are you looking for work in restaurants abroad? Would you like to work in an Italian food restaurant? What do you think if we help you get what you are looking for.

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Tips for getting a job as a waiter in an Italian restaurant

If you want to work in an Italian food restaurant you should pay attention to the following tips.

Working in restaurants is an art, a titanic job that many would like to develop. Different people meet every day and each of them is treated in a special way. There are diverse and very varied restaurants with very particular specialties.

I work as a waiter

The work of waiters, waiters or waiters as they are called in Italy, is a multifaceted job. The waiter is an artist, he must be charming, respectful, friendly and above all, have the power of conviction.

Have experience as a waitress

Before looking for a job as a waiter, it is necessary that you have already lived the experience. We recommend that you work in different restaurants. You can start with small places, not so crowded, then you can evolve.

Once you feel like you can put new skills into practice, you need to find another employment. Try to go in search of moderately coveted restaurants. The idea is that you get good experience.

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Learn to serve, to communicate, to take a good order, in short, provide good service. Make customers prefer your attention.

Study languages

Mastering a language other than your mother tongue is a great advantage for any waiter. Try to study the languages ​​that are most used in a Restaurant and if, in particular, you want to work in an Italian food place, of course, study Italian.

Remember that the success of any waiter depends on the best communication and empathy you can achieve with the customer.

Meet the Italian Culinary Art

It is important to know the different menus offered by the best Restaurants, especially in large cities such as Rome, Mexico City, New York, among others ...

The waiter who is passionate about his profession lives for it, accumulates knowledge, experiences and refines his taste, although he does not have the gift of artistic sensitivity, he acquires it.

Italian cuisine, food tastes, the characteristic seasoning of an Italian dish, specialties, are roughly the gastronomic modalities that a waiter who wants to work in an Italian food restaurant must know.

Familiarize yourself with Italian Customs 

In some places like Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya and Los Cabos you will find a diversity of Italian Food Restaurants and there will be very critical or demanding customers; For this it is necessary that you know the Italian customs and gastronomy.

The Italian food restaurants distinguished by their pastas, pizzas, sauces, risotto, carpaccio, minestrone, capresse salad, ossobuco, spaghetti carbonara, among others; are emblematic for the familiar touch that they add to their meals and postponed what the Head recommends.

Waiters must be patient and have the ability to tolerate difficult people, they must listen and accept criticism or complaints from the customer without reacting negatively or being defensive. The customer is always right!

Be Charming, Familiar and Respectful

The waiters must be respectful and kind at all times with their clients, the treatment must be harmonious family and enjoy the service they provide, make the client feel comfortable in the restaurant

Good communication and good treatment from an Italian food restaurant waiter is essential in any Cosmopolitan city such as Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara or Cancun, this will positively attract customers and will make these restaurants among the favorites.

Qualities of an innkeeper - Italian food restaurant

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Qualities that a waiter should have

Anyone who wants to get a job as a waiter and even more so as a waiter of Italian restaurants must meet some qualities that qualify him for that type of employment, below, we will name a few:


The waiter needs to be a well-educated person, because his work is based on dealing daily with a varied public, of different races, religion, culture, nationality and temperament, therefore, he must have control of his reactions.


Memory is very important to cultivate and exercise, you must pay attention to what you hear in order not to make ordering errors when working in a restaurant.


A good waiter must be courteous and this courtesy must be made into a habit that must always be demonstrated in order to adequately serve the customers of a restaurant and even more so to the finest customers that you can find in an Italian restaurant.


A waiter, due to the interaction with different types of public, can learn about information that may be relevant to other people, the waiter must have the discretion and wisdom to understand that such information is private and should not share it with anyone else.


The waiter must have the ability to deal with any type of audience and do so efficiently, since he will find diners with different types of humor, who require a different type of attention and equally careful.


You must have the training to attend your work schedules correctly, in addition to the other tasks that are delegated to you in the restaurant.

Physical condition

The waiter must have a good physical condition that allows him to spend hours standing and walking from one side to another without showing fatigue when serving his guests.


The waiter must have a temperament that allows him to withstand various types of humor or criticism from his guests, and still be able to attend and listen to them courteously.


The waiter must demonstrate initiative in his work by contributing ideas that improve customer service and doing what needs to be done at the right time.

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You must have the ability to work with a variety of orders and orders at the same time and do it efficiently, so that your guests are happy. To do this, they must have the necessary organizational skills.

Personal presentation that a waiter must have

Italian waiters are professionals respected for their knowledge of gastronomy and wine; but your personal presentation is essential.

Next, we will mention some important aspects to consider for the presentation of a good waiter:


These should always be short and clean. You have to review them daily, but never in front of the clients.


Hair should be cut at least every fifteen days and it should be washed and combed daily remember that odors, smoke and normal perspiration dirty the hair


Breath is very important to maintain good oral hygiene.

Body Emanations

Bad odors should be avoided, for this get into the habit of taking baths once or twice a day, as well as using deodorants or any product that eliminates bad odors in the body.


The face must be clean and glowing. The aspiring innkeeper must shave daily; and the sweat must be constantly blotted with a handkerchief or must wash his face whenever the sweat is stronger.


Waiters must have full teeth and must not have cavities.


Hands must always be clean, therefore, they must be washed frequently since they are used as a waiter and are the part of the body most exposed to losing its cleaning.


The uniform or clothing according to the waiter's job must be clean and very well ironed. It should look elegant and should be changed daily.

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Waiters should wear comfortable shoes that allow you to stand for a long time, but they should never neglect the cleanliness of it.

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