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How to work in a restaurant?

Definitely if you are looking for I work in restaurants, it's because you like to be under pressure. No matter what areas you are in, it is a unique and fascinating tension.

A restaurant is only as successful as the team that runs it. Ask anyone who has ever worked at one and they will tell you that their co-workers are everything.

They get to work together for more than 12 hours a day in a very challenging environment: it's hot, unpredictable and requires a lot of manual work. However, the satisfaction results are incredible.

As many places find themselves in the midst of a restaurant workforce shortage, finding and retaining quality staff members has become a major challenge; Simply put, there are too many kitchens and not enough Cooks for all.

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Whether you're looking for a job or you're a new owner struggling to structure your team, you don't know where to look for staff or what the qualities of a quality candidate are, or you're a veteran operator wondering what positions are. most essential for the health of your business and which places you should prioritize filling first; quiet in Grand Hotelier we have the answers for you.

12 Restaurant Work Ideas

Here are 12 great restaurant job ideas that you should never be without.

Executive Chef / Kitchen Manager

This is the head chef of the restaurant, he is the one who creates the specials, orders the food and works as the general manager of the kitchen. He is probably also in charge of scheduling, hiring, and firing staff in this area.

A good candidate for the position of executive chef it is usually handled by someone with several years of cooking and restaurant management experience.

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Restaurant Manager

Work in Restaurants in Mexico

Restaurant managers have a number of responsibilities in the day-to-day running of the restaurant. The qualifications required to be a restaurant manager include basic concepts such as people and organization skills.

However, depending on the size and concept of a restaurant, candidates may need a degree in business or hospitality.

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I work in restaurants as a waiter

I work in restaurants in Monterrey, Waiter

A restaurant server is the customer service representative of the business. A good restaurant server can turn any customer into a regular customer, while a poor server can easily turn away clients.

The description of the work Server can include many different tasks beyond simply serving food.

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Work in Restaurants as a Barman

bartender job

The bartender is the highest position in the front of the house staff. Depending on the type of restaurant, the innkeeper may be responsible for getting drinks from people at their tables (bar service), as well as service from customers who choose to eat at the bar.

Formal bartending education may be required in some restaurants, but many will hire based on your experience.

Work in Restaurants as Hostess

The general job of a restaurant host is to meet, greet, and seat customers. Therefore, It's a great entry-level job for someone without much restaurant experience (or any other).

The host or Stewardess You must be friendly and courteous, as well as organized and proactive, knowing how to handle busy shifts.

Dishwasher or Dishwasher

dishwasher work

In general, the dishwasher also called a dishwasher or adding other functions such as steward .

It is the most undervalued position in the entire restaurant, among his other duties include washing floors, cleaning the bathrooms and other small maintenance tasks.

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Although washing dishes is not the dream job in restaurants of most people, it is still the most important to enter the world of restaurateurs, since you will know the movements of the other positions and you will learn how a restaurant works from below.

Definitely It's one of the most important, After all, if the dishwasher doesn't show up on its turn, it can put the restaurant down on a busy night.

Accountant or Accountant

As with many parts of running a restaurant, the owner may act as a bookkeeper or accountant. It is important to understand the difference between each of these jobs.

An accountant records financial transactions, such as daily bank deposits and the writing of payroll checks.

An accountant or accounting assistant looks at those transactions, such as creating profit and loss accounts and preparing annual taxes. Time is an important factor when deciding to hire an accountant or do it yourself.

As an owner, you already have an endless list of things to do. If you can't take the time to manage your day-to-day finances, consider hiring someone, because money is not an area you want to neglect.

Just as important is your comfort level with accounting. If you have no prior financial experience, the complexity of running a restaurant can be difficult to track.

Work in Restaurants as Maintenance

maintenance work

Equipment can be damaged in any restaurant, from freezers to full kitchens and refrigerators, along with daily cleaning. Like accounting, maintenance work Daily can be a job you want to do yourself.

It depends on how useful you are, the size of your restaurant and what other tasks you are already taking on, you need to think of someone to take care of it.  

It may be cheaper for you to include a full-time maintenance or cleaning person on staff, rather than calling a technician every time something breaks.

Work in Restaurants as Runner or Garrotero

Work as an assistant or runner in restaurants

The primary responsibility of a food runner is to provide assistance to waiters in restaurants. Runners do not take orders or handle payments. They help busy servers deliver orders to customers in a timely manner.

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Whoever occupies this position must be good under pressure, and good at organizing many moving parts at once, as they will have quite a few tickets to assemble at any given time. There will also be a brief moment of interaction between them and the customer when they leave the food, so this member of staff should be friendly and social as well.

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Restaurant delivery man

Obviously, a necessary position for all restaurants that offer delivery, and hence your driver should be someone who values ​​punctuality. He is a reference of the premises, so it is beneficial when the driver is familiar with the area to which he expects to deliver.

Also, since the driver is likely the only person the customer should interact with, make sure they are friendly and represent your restaurant well, because at the customer's door, you will not be able to control what happens.

Pastry chef

work as a cook or chef in restaurants

Some fine dining establishments employ a pastry chef. These people are responsible for creating and decorating sweets from cake shop for diners to enjoy for breakfast or dessert after their meal.

He is also known as a pastry chef and they are in charge of everything related to biscuit, pastries, chocolates, biscuits, confectionery, etc.


barback work in restaurants

Although they are generally not in the limelight of customers, Barbacks can be an integral part of what makes a busy restaurant bar run smoothly. 

While hiring a large barman It's a bonus for any bar, a barback could be the perfect addition if staff members have trouble keeping up with service troubles. 

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His responsibilities include pouring beer and wine for guests, obtaining ice, restocking garnishes, restocking glassware, and making sure the bar has everything it needs to run well.

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It doesn't matter if your restaurant staff is trained in all of these positions or just some of them, your team at the end of the day should function like a well-oiled machine. That is why study well which option you need more in your restaurant or what position you are most passionate about.

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