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Types of Tourism in Mexico

Tourism in Mexico undoubtedly has an extremely positive influence on the country's economy. Being quite varied, we will tell you what are the types of tourism in Mexico, or at least the ones that are more common and important.

This country has several areas that are very attractive to tourists, such as: colonial cities, beaches, modern architecture, archaeological sites and even some structures that make up the cultural heritage, according to UNESCO.

So if what you want is to do tourism in this beautiful country, the initial thing is that you answer yourself, what kind of tourist are you? Since only then will you be able to know which of all the types of tourism to choose.

6 Types of Tourism in Mexico

Tourism in Mexico is incredibly beautiful, and also varied when confronted in its great diversity.

Here are their types of tourism:

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Adventure Tourism

Adventure tourism

Although anything can be an adventure, this is a type of tourism that is practiced by people who, to explore a territory, can travel by car, mountain bike, on foot, etc.

In general, those who get to practice it, usually travel at full speed through rustic places, several meters above the ground, or, they go up a place called La Pluma de Bernal, which is the most dangerous path.

What are the Types of Adventure or Extreme Tourism?

  • Paragliding
  • Abseiling
  • Bungee jumping
  • Rafting

Many enthusiasts of this type of tourism stop to admire the flora and fauna, being linked to ecological tourism or ecotourism.

Places to Practice Adventure Tourism?

In Mexico there are many destinations with excellent spaces for the practice of adventure tourism, among which the Copper Canyon (Chihuahua), the Pozo de Las Golondrinas (San Luis Potosí), Jalcomulco (Veracruz) stand out.


Sports Tourism

As its name indicates, this type of tourism is carried out by a large number of travelers who have the motivation to do a sport, or attend a sporting event. Basically lovers of Acuatic sport mostly and in general.

What are the Types of Sports Tourism?

  • El diving
  • Sport fishing
  • Motorcycle racing
  • La Kayak
  • Cycling
  • Marathons
  • The triathlon

Among other

This type of tourism includes fishermen and divers They go to places like the Rivera Maya, the Rivera Nayarit, or Los Cabos, which are quite attracted, generally, by the possibility that they manage to capture some not very well-known species, or simply admire the maritime life.

Foreigners visiting a Mexican city arrive at Caribbean Islands As a first option, the Caribbean Sea is one of the best for practicing this type of sports tourism.

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Mexico and Business Tourism

Mexico and business tourism

This modality takes advantage of business trips or events to introduce travelers to the attractions of a city.

Tourism by Emblematic Sites of Mexico

An example of this is a congress that is held in Mexico City, and that after it ends, or in some free time that the participants have, they visit the National Palace, the Zocalo, or the Chaputepec Forest and Xochimilco.

If, on the contrary, it were, for example, a world exhibition in Guanajuato, the attendees, who will surely be leather suppliers or manufacturers of handbags and footwear, will be able to observe sites such as the Expiatory Temple, the Arch of the Calzada, or the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Basilica.

Cultural tourism

It attracts tourists motivated by the knowledge and appreciation of the material and spiritual cultural characteristics of certain cities, societies or their specific facets.

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What Kind of People like Cultural Tourism?

Archaeological Zones of Mexico The temple MAyor the Cathedral

They are people who are quite interested in the art, music and dance of the pre-Columbian era, also known as Pre-Hispanic Mexico.

In the same way, they attend festivals where they observe this type of cultural events, such as the Guelaguetza, which is celebrated in Oaxaca, or the Parachicos de la Fiesta Grande, which takes place in Chiapas.

Architectural or Monumental Tourism

These two types of tourism are included within the cultural one, since it also attracts people who want to observe structures, museums, churches and of course, pre-Hispanic monuments.

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Religious Tourism

This type of tourism is one of the most flow of people annually, probably due to the religious power that exists throughout the world. For example Islam that prescribes that every Muslim must visit Mecca at least once in his life.

Mexico is not far behind the foreign religious influence that through time, came to be adopted with great faith by the Mexicans, thus having the Virgin of Guadalupe as the Patron of Mexico.

Religious Places to Visit in Mexico ...

In Mexico, religious tourism is practiced by the hundreds of thousands of people who walk the Pilgrim's Way, which ends in many of the Sanctuaries in honor of a Virgin or Patron Saint.

Pilgrimages in Mexico as a Tourist Attraction

Some to mention is the Perenigration of the Broken Christ of Aguascalientes, or the Virgin of San Juan de los Lagos, located in Jalisco.

Visits to Mexican Shrines

In the same way, we cannot fail to include the massive pilgrimages to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico City, where the faithful arrive colloquially said to pay a bill or to thank some request or favor to our Dark Virgin: La Guadalupana.

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Sanctuary of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Monterrey

Gastronomic tourism

This tourist line is present in all the countries of the world, since the gastronomy It is a delight when we go to vacation to a place, we want to know its culture, and of course: its food.

What Kind of People like Gastronomic Tourism?

It is generally practiced by people who want to live culinary experiences, who have a great relationship with cities, regions, or gastronomic specialties such as Chefs

Chilaquiles lovers

These normally go to Puebla, to eat in different restaurants that offer a great variety of Typical dishes from mexico.

Craft Beer Lovers

This type of beer is quite popular, and to taste it you can go from one city to another, looking for the best homemade beer.

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As you will realize, Mexico has a great variety of Tourism that you should visit

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