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Good and Cheap Mexican Red Wines

You may think that choosing a good and cheap red wine is complicated, let alone expect that tasting a good cheap wine is a pleasant experience on your palate.

In this article I present you the best cheap red wines in Mexico, without implying a considerable deterioration in its quality.

With the 3 "B" Good, Cheap and Beautiful Wines!

The beauty of good and cheap wines in Mexico is that they are very easy to find, despite being a country where wine is not commonly drunk, wine has become more popular in recent years, good and cheap wines in Mexico you can find them in different restaurants and at affordable prices.

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Currently the oldest winery in North America is located in Mexico. It is called Casa Madero and it dates from 1597, when Spanish soldiers and priests discovered the grapes that grew in this area. Today wine production in Mexico is carried out mainly in Baja California, Sonora, Zacatecas, Querétaro and Coahuila.

The History and Origin of Wine ...

It dates from ancient times with the first civilizations, when agriculture began by cultivating the so-called vitis vinifera sativa in the European and Asian continent, later being commercialized, through the rest of the regions, cities, countries, Mesopotamia, Greece, Egypt, Rome, France, Italy, Spain etc.


Also Viticulture call like Viticulture or Viniculture  (from the Latin vitis which means vid), is the cultivation of the vine, a fruit-bearing climbing plant is cultivated in much of the world, to produce red wines, among others.

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History of Wine and Origin of Wine in Mexico ...

After several conflicts and negotiations with the Spaniards, around the years 1500 to 1600, the planting of vineyards on the property of Don Lorenzo García was granted, thus founding the Bodit's gas San Lorenzo, which today is the famous Casa Madero.

However, it is known that before fighting with the Spanish, the father of the country, Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, had his vine crops or vineyards in the region of Dolores Hidalgo...

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Who further ahead, with the support of General Iturbide, approves laws to protect the cultivation of vineyards, as well as decides to found schools of Agriculture to improve the cultivation process.

The wine industry in Mexico was established in the 40's, avoiding imports to promote national consumption. Currently more than 80% of Mexican red wines or national red wines and any variant of types of red wines, are exported to different countries.

The Mexican Wine Industry

Mexico has excellent quality wines, priced in gourmet restaurants around the world, which are also highly desired, and at a price comparable to their quality.

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Red Wines Mexican Brands

  • Mariatint 2012
  • Incognito
  • Pinesque 5
  • Red Groove
  • Kurdo

Mexican Sweet Red Wines

List of Mexican sweet Red Wines are in high demand, including this:

  • Madero 3V House
  • Casa Madero Reserve Merlot
  • Four Suns
  • Baron Balché Dulché
  • Santo Tomas Tardo Merlot
  • Baron Balché Lamat O GC
  • Hubble Cellars The Sky
  • Mount Xanic Merlot
  • Fortified Ferriño Wine
  • A. Cetto Merlot Classic Line
  • Fortified Wine Type Sweet Jerez - Ferriño
  • Precious Gift Hacienda de Letras

It goes without saying that viticulture in Mexico is the oldest in Latin America and offers direct and indirect sources of employment to the booming Mexican economy.

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Red wines

This selection that we made contains the good, cheap, strong and sweet red wines that you can buy, as well as offering a useful guide, to live the experience of savoring or tasting delicious and stylish red wines, without your pocket suffering the consequences. .

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Good and Cheap Red Wines, what else can we ask for ...

This article is not all about Mexican wines, since the country also receives many imports from good wine-producing areas.

A cheap and good red wine, it is also usually foreign….

This article was made on the basis of research on alcohol consumption, to guide you more accurately, between the best before date of imported red wine or foreign red wine on par with, the national red wines or Mexican red wines.

To find out where to buy cheap red wines in Mexico, you can find places through web pages that can help you locate, convenience stores, wineries and other liquor stores.

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Recommended Red Wines

The red wines that we suggest come from South America, from the main wine producing countries or with tradition, such as Chile and Argentina.

Chilean Red Wine Palo Alto Reserva 2008

The absolute best selection is Palo Alto Reserva 2008 from Chile. It is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere and Syrah grapes.

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It is a red wine with 13,7% ethanol. This wine comes from the Maule Valley in Chile, which is the southernmost section of the central valley wine region. The taste of this wine is fresh and with aromas of character.

The notes of black fruit and the elegant presence of the wood stand out. On the palate it is smooth, balanced and full-bodied. This wine sells for about 130 pesos, so it is just 10 dollars. Sometimes you can buy three Palo Alto wines in a 200 peso package, making it even more valuable.

The Red Wine MERLOT Rey de los Andes Merlot 2012

Another Chilean wine that stands out on this list is the Rey de los Andes Merlot 2012. This wine comes from the Central Valley of Chile and contains 12,6% ethanol.

It is a slightly cheaper wine at about 85 pesos, but not as preferable as the malbec, Unless you like oak undertones more.

This wine should be chilled for about 15 minutes in the refrigerator before serving, and the best thing is, you can easily find it in grocery stores.


Argentine Red Wine Las Moras Malbec 2013

After Palo Alto Reserva 2008, this is the second best option I offer you: Las Moras Malbec 2013. This wine is 13% ethanol and is from Mendoza, Argentina.

And the Argentine red wine of the best cheap red wines in Mexico

It has many awards on the label, but it is not spectacular yet, but it is a good wine to drink every day. Best if chilled for about 15 minutes before serving.

MALBEC Red Wine Prices

They sell for 80 to 200 pesos a bottle and can be found in most stores.

Casillero del Diablo and Frontera

Another of the typical wines such as Casillero del Diablo and Frontera, is a tasty and cheap wine, you can also find them easily in Mexico, they are usually a little more expensive than the wines mentioned above.

In general, the wines of Chile and Argentina offer a better relation between quality-price and taste ...

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Types of Sweet Red Wines

The range of types of sweet wines is divided into Natural Sweet Wines and Naturally Sweet Wines. What is the difference of these wines?

Natural Sweet Wines

El Natural Sweet Wine It is one that is sweetened with grape must, or is altered with the mixture of other wines.

An example of sweetening a dry wine by adding sweet wine to alter its sugar level.

Among them are Cream Wines, Maestro Wines and Mistela Wines

Naturally Sweet Red Wines

All Naturally Sweet Wines, are characterized by acquiring their sweetness naturally, this due to their high sugar concentration, thanks to the use of fresh grapes with a drying and freezing process.

In this range of sweet natural wine, we have Ice Wines, Late Harvest Wines (using more mature grapes), as well as the famous Spanish sweet wine Pedro Jiménez, which suns freshly ripe grapes.

Now you know some options for the best inexpensive red wines, which you can enjoy and find in an accessible way.

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